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Now that you are excited about getting into the hobby, the question to be answered is where to buy rc helicopters for sale? Fortunately, there are plenty of places and stores where you can buy new and used helicopters for sale.

The best place to buy new rc helicopters for sale would be your local hobby shop (LHS) or hobby store. If the owners are true hobbyists, they can give you lots of help and advice.

Recommended Hobby Shop

Because of company brand, good merchant rating, product availability and low total delivered price, I recommend you buy helicopters from:

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Another popular place to buy a remote control helicopter are from online rc hobby shops and stores. They provide an easy and convenient way to shop. Some online rc hobby stores even provide free shipping to your door!

Picture of helicopters for sale.

For those in the market for used helicopters, you can trying looking at garage sales, online auctions (e.g. eBay), and at rc helicopter clubs. Go to places where these clubs fly, and you might find great bargains from some of the hobbyists. These guys can also provide you a wealth of information and tips on how to fly a remote control helicopter. Join a heli club, it's worth the membership fee.

Have fun!

The Editor

P.S. Secondhand rc model helicopters for sale can either be a great deal or a bad deal. To avoid bad deals, try to see the model in flight. Also visually inspect the chassis and parts, looking for cracks and damages.

P.P.S. Brand new electric rc helicopters for sale are probably the best value for your money.


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