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Helis can be great fun, if you take the time. Learn how to fly rc helis and you will avoid a lot of costly crash damages. Start of with electric helis, more specifically the micro helis which you can fly indoors. Later on graduate to the more difficult gas powered helis.

RC Helis

The rc heli hobby has been around for quite some time. It started of with makeshift gas powered models that were difficult to control and fly. Later on the heli technology improved, and gas helis became popular.

Then followed the electric rc helis. These were cheaper, and enticed beginners and rc hobbyists to try out the heli hobby. Today, a very popular model is the Piccolo pro heli. These little helis are awesome.

Picture of Helis.

How to get started? Start off by reading a lot about the heli hobby. Then start of with an electric rc heli. Try to get the help of an experienced hobbyist to teach you how to hover, then fly an rc heli.

Flying Helis

If you want to fly on your own, take your time. First flying goal would be to learn how to hover the heli a few inches off the ground. Then hover the heli 3 to 4 feet off the ground. And once mastered, try rolling to the left, then rolling to the right. 

Then comes the difficult part, flying the rc heli forward. This is because the increase of pitch as the rotor passes the rear tail will also cause the helis nose to dip in altitude. This requires compensating by carefully controlling your stick type radio control transmitter.

There are many more flying patterns you can try, such as moving in a square direction, doing a figure 8, loops, and flying inverted (upside down). But again, it will take practice and patience.

But no matter what, remember to always have fun!

The Editor

Tip: There are plenty of r/c heli videos, magazines, and online websites to help you get started. By studying more about flying, you can avoid costly crashes and have more fun.

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