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What are the various models of mini rc helicopters, and where is the best place to buy them?

Mini RC Helicopters
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Mini RC Helicopter

The typical mini rc helicopter is powered by electric motors and lightweight battery pack. The toys are the Air Hogs and HumbleBee.

The hobby quality kits are those that typically use a 4 - 5 channel radio control system. Highly recommended is the Piccolo mini rc helicopter.

Buy Mini RC Helicopters

These helicopter kits can be bought online. Visit the rc helicopters for sale page for a list of highly recommended online shops that sell the Piccolo and other mini rc helicopters. Some offer discount coupon codes and even free shipping deals.

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RC Helicopters Online Guide
Contents: Introduction to rc helicopters. Beginner's guide to the rc helicopter hobby. Best and most popular remote control helicopters. Starter r/c helicopters. Toys, models, and kit. Buy helicopters for sale, online.

Here is more info about choosing a micro mini rc helicopter and buying them from some of the best online rc stores. 

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