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Here is our list of highly recommended radio control helicopters.

Smartech Skylark
Smartech AeroHawk

Radio Control Helicopter

Smartech Skylark

The Smartech Skylark RTF radio control helicopter is battery operated. Included is a 4 Channel radio control system that allows you to go up / down, left / right, and control the pitch.

Powered by an 8.4v rc helicopter battery pack, you can expect around 15 minutes or more of flight time.

Smartech AeroHawk

The Smartech AeroHawk is an improved version over the Skylark. The main improvement is better hovering stability. It is also powered by an 8.4v 750mah battery pack. This ready to fly (rtf) radio control helicopter comes complete with a 4-channel radio control system, a battery pack, and battery charger.


The Piccolo (sometimes misspelled as Picollo) is one of the smallest radio control helicopter you can buy. It has a 20" rotor diameter and 19" fuselage length. The complete ready to fly (RTF) setup must include the Piccolo RC Helicopter Kit, Radio Controller, Piccoboard, Battery Pack, Charger, and Charging Cable.

Watch the Piccolo rc helicopter videos. You will be hooked once you see it take off, hover, fly, and land indoors.

Have fun!

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