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What is the difference between a toy, model, or helicopter kit? Basically, a toy helicopter is the type that you can buy in a department store. These are the HumbleBee, Sky Pioneer, and Air Hogs. 

Pro: cheap, simple
Con: limited flying capability

Model helicopters usually refer to static models. These are made of plastic or die cast metal, and are for display purpose only. Unlike radio controlled helicopters, model helicopters do not fly.

Picture of radio controlled helicopters.

Radio Controlled Helicopter Kits

Helicopter kits, or more specifically, radio controlled helicopters, are those that actually fly and can be controlled via a radio control transmitter. A good example of a radio control helicopter kit is the electric powered micro Piccolo helicopter, which is also commonly misspelled as Picollo.

Pro: indoor flight capability, realism, fun
Con: difficult to fly, can be expensive

Have fun!

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P.S. Please visit the rest of this site, where you will find info about micro, electric, and gas powered radio control helicopters. You can even get radio controlled Apache helicopters.

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