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for Beginners and Newcomers

Overview to help guide beginners and newcomers to the rc helicopter hobby. Find out why the electric mini and micro r/c helicopters are best for beginners.


RC Helicopter Photo.

Mini RC Helicopter

The larger the helicopter, the easier it is to control. However, large helicopters are more expensive, and replacement parts can be costly. That is why a mini rc helicopter is better for a beginner. Although the small size makes it slightly more unstable, the cheaper price and less complicated design makes it a good starter heli.

Micro RC Helicopter

Small enough that you can fly them indoors. A good example is the Piccolo rc helicopter. With a rotor diameter of only 20", this is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand! These models are extremely popular and are the hot products in the heli hobby.

RC Helicopter Electric

In the early days, an r/c helicopter was powered by small gas engines. Today, you can buy and rc helicopter that is powered by a small electric motor. The advantage of this is that you do not need to handle flammable fuel. Simply charge the battery pack and start flying. There are also no fumes, so you can fly indoors.

RC Helicopter Videos

Some models even come with an instructional video... making it even easier to learn how to fly an rc helicopter. You can also buy rc helicopter videos from your local hobby shop, from hobbyists, or from an online r/c store.


An intermediate model is the Dragan Flyer... and is commonly searched as the Dragonfly RC Helicopter. This is a four rotor electric powered machine that can be fitted with a small, in flight camera. A great remote control photography helicopter.

RC helicopter photo.

Photo of the Dragan Flyer 4

Happy flying!

The Editor

Tip: There are plenty of r/c helicopter videos, magazines, and online websites to help you get started. By studying more about flying, you can avoid costly crashes and have more fun.

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Contents: Introduction to rc helicopters. Beginner's guide to the rc helicopter hobby. Best and most popular remote control helicopters. Starter r/c helicopters. Toys, models, and kit. Buy helicopters for sale, online.

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