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The hobby of rc helicopters provides an avenue to relieve stress, relax, and simply have fun... indoors and out.

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RC Helicopters for Sale

In a hurry to buy? You can buy at your local hobby shop or buy rc helicopters for sale at online hobby stores. Local hobby shops are sometimes better because the store owner can give you tips and advice. Online hobby stores provide the convenience of buying online.

Battery Operated / Electric Powered

Now that rc helicopters are battery operated, the hobby is now easier to get started. RC electric helicopters are simpler and easier to fly than gas powered kits.

The advantage of an electric rc helicopter is that they are simpler in design, quiet, and some can even be flown indoors.

The disadvantage is the relatively short flying time, usually between 5 - 15 minutes, depending on the model and battery pack. However, the simple solution is to buy several battery packs.

RC Helicopters Gas

These are truly for the intermediate and expert flyers. Gas powered rc helicopters are as close to real helicopters as you can get. Gas engines provide the ultimate in realism.

The advantage of gas powered rc helicopters is that they are realistic and can fly for long periods of time. Simply refuel and you are back to flying.

The disadvantage is that these kits are relatively more expensive as compared to electric models. These are also more complex models that require good flying skills and are designed to be flown outdoors.

Mini RC Helicopters

How does the thrill of flying indoors sound to you? Imagine the fun of flying a mini rc helicopter in you home or even your office cubicle. A great way to relax and relieve stress.

Mini rc helicopters are usually powered by small electric motors. Some models are tethered, which means there is a thin wire connected to the helicopter as it hovers. This wire is connected to an external battery providing the power. Since the battery is external, you can use high capacity batteries and fly for a very long time.

Then there are mini rc helicopters that fly without any wires. Small, lightweight batteries are located inside the kit itself. For ultimate realism, these models are the best. The only downside is the relatively short flying time, as these small batteries have limited capacity.

Cheap RC Helicopters

There are plenty of cheap "toy" helicopters that can be bought for around $50. They provide lots of hovering fun, but these are not the true hobby quality remote control helicopters.

Popular cheap rc helicopters are the HumbleBee and Air Hogs.

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Happy flying!

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