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What is the Best Remote Control Helicopter to Buy?

The best remote control helicopter would be different, based on whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rc hobbyist and modeler. Ultimately the choice of best remote control helicopter is up to you.

Best Remote Control Helicopter for Beginners

Best would be the "toy" type electric powered helis such as the HumbleBee, Air Hog, and Apache helicopters that can be bought in general toy stores. These can be considered the best because of the cheap price, durability, and are easy to fly.

Picture of a remote control helicopter.

If you want to try rc helicopters for the first time, these toy helis are highly recommended. Try the cheap HumbleBee remote control helicopter (pictured above) or the popular Air Hogs remote control helicopter.

Best "Intermediate" Helicopter Kits

The Ikarus ECO line of mini electric rc helicopters. Powered by quiet electric motors, these mini rc hobby quality models can be flown indoors or outdoors. There are plenty of models to choose from, such as the ECO 8, ECO lite, and ECO 16. But the best of all may be the ECO Piccolo.

Remote control helicopter photo.

Above: Photo of the highly recommended Piccolo remote control helicopter.

Best "Gas" Remote Controlled Helicopter

For gas helicopters, there are companies such as Bergen, Hirobo, and Kyosho. You cannot go wrong with any of these companies, as they all produce high quality gas powered remote control helicopters.

Our personal preference is for helicopters made by Kyosho. As for the best model, we could not decide on just one.

Happy flying!

The Editor

Tip: Start with toy helis, then hobby quality electric rc helicopters, and finally the gas powered remote control helicopters.

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