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Popular Remote Control Helicopters For Aerial Photography and Indoor Flight

Choose from many types of remote control helicopters. Some can take outdoor aerial photography, while others can fly indoors.

Photography Helicopters
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Remote Control Photography Helicopters

These models have small, micro video cameras that allow you to take aerial videos and photographs as the helicopter is in flight. Among the remote control photography helicopters, a popular model is the DraganFlyer IV (popularly referred to as Dragonfly).

Remote Control Petrol Helicopters

The term petrol is commonly used in the U.K. In the USA, the term used is gas. Among the popular remote control petrol helicopters are the models such as the Raptor 30, Kyosho Caliber 30 ARF and the Intrepid 3D Kit.

Indoor Remote Control Helicopters

Cheap models that can fly indoors are the HumbleBee and Air Hogs. Better indoor remote control helicopters are the Ikarus Piccolo, Hirobo X.R.B., Smartech AeroHawk, and the Smartech Skylark. You can also try flying the DraganFlyer IV indoors, but it is really designed for outdoor use.

Happy flying!

The Editor

P.S. There are remote control photography helicopters that have a small video cam attached... allowing you to take pictures from high above. A good example is the Dragan Flyer 4, also commonly called the Dragonfly rc helicopter.

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